Writing Assignment May 18 - 26

“School is Best at…”

Opinion Writing Project

Completion Date: Tuesday, 5/26


This is meant to be an expressive project that relates to our current schooling situation! You should not begin the writing portion of this project until you have completed the full Opinion Writing Flocabulary Assignment and the IXL practices for Opinion. We will share these Opinions next Tuesday the 26th.


Project Overview:

You will write an opinion paragraph about the type of school that YOU THINK is best. Your paragraph with be titled “School is Best at School” or “School is Best at Home”. In opinion writing, it is very important that you provide great reasons for why you have that opinion. So, you need to focus on three good reasons why you feel the way you do. Be sure to include the ideas and processes that you learn from the Flocabulary assignment this week.



  1. Complete the Opinion Writing Flocabulary Assignment.

  2. Complete the IXL topics for Opinion.

  3. Choose your opinion and create a strong topic sentence that states your opinion.

  4. Write your paragraph.
  • Prewriting: Brainstorm and organize your reasons with a bubble map or chart.
    • The center bubble will be your opinion (topic sentence). All of the bubbles that flow from it will be your reasons for your opinion. Remember to make these strong. Just because you like it, doesn’t make it a strong supporting reason. Think hard about very convincing reasons that you have your opinion.
  • First Draft: Let your opinion flow and start writing your paragraph based on your prewriting.
    • Like all good paragraphs, please be sure you include the following:
      • Topic Sentence: State your opinion.
      • Supporting Details: Include at least three strong reasons that support your opinion.
      • Conclusion Sentence: Restate your opinion and wrap it up.
  • Revise and Edit: Be sure you have included as great reasons for having your opinion. Make sure the reader can clearly understand your opinion. You want them to know why you feel the way you do about your opinion. Also, make sure you correct any spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
  • Final Draft: Neatly write your final copy. Don't forget to use your paper correctly and indent the first line of each paragraph. Remember to space your letters evenly in words and your words evenly in sentences.

* Be ready to share on Tuesday 5/26 during our ZOOM meeting*