Week of May 25-29
Remainder Zoom Schedule:
Tuesday:  Class A, Class B, Class C
Thursday:  Class A, Class B, Class C
Tuesday, June 2: Whole Class Zoom to say our good byes to all- I will send out an invite Monday night.  

ST Math:  I am checking this weekly to record milestones and to monitor progress.  When you reach 100%, pick out two candy bars, and I will drive them to you and toss them  while standing on your front yard!  

We are down to just review in Math.  This week we will review perimeter, area, and volume on Tuesday, then on Thursday review patterns.  

Suggested Assignments for this week.
Perimeter:  EE1, EE5, EE12
Area of a Square and Rectangle;  EE7, EE12
Volume:  EE13

Math Study Island: Perimeter, Area, Volume and Elapsed Time

 Writing: Decriptive:  Pretend you are at the beach....close your eyes and listen to what you hear..... describe in detail what it would be like to sit on the beach now... especially after 10 weeks of this!

GG8- simple of complex sentence
GG7- independent or dependent clause

Study Island:
Reading 5.6- 
#2- Locate Information
#8- compare/contrast
#9- fact/opinion

5.5  Matter
*review study guide
* do Drag and Drop Activities: 

IXL Social Studies:

Section B- review continents and oceans

Section C- review locating the states

Section  D- review matching the capitals with the state