Coronavirus Closing

During the time that school is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Roanoke City Public Schools will be providing work and assignments for students to complete from home.

In addition to the packet of work and textbook provided by the school district, I am suggesting some online practice (for any students who have a reliable, internet-connected device).  Please note that plans are very fluid; as information and developments arise, Roanoke City Public Schools may change its instructional course of action.  If you have questions or need further information, please see or email me.

The following (which are accessed through Clever) may be completed each day:

  • ST Math (20-30 minutes per day)
  • Study Island (20-30 minutes per day)
  • Typing Club or Nitro Type (20 minutes per day)

In addition, please consider the following opportunities:

1. Flocabulary
.  I will be activating assignments throughout the closure.  Consider completing 1-3 per day.  To view topics, log in to Flocabulary and click "Assignments."

2. IXL.  Note that Science and Social Studies skills are now activated!  Consider completing 1-3 skills per day.  Please work through these skills even if you have previously earned a SmartScore of 100.  To view suggested skills, click "Recommendations" (on the "Learning" page after signing in to IXL. 

    3. TLC Films.  My friend Peter H. Reynolds has created several films that your family, friends, and you might enjoy.  Consider watching one per day and discussing it with your family.  Check them out here.

    4. Low-Pixel Fun.  I recently shared some ideas for fun at-home learning on my personal website (click here)  These have been shared more than 20,000 times on Facebook and Twitter.  Consider completing one or two per day.  Feel free to pass them along to anyone who think might enjoy them.

    5. SQUIRT.  Find a comfortable spot and enjoy sustained, quiet, uninterrupted, independent reading time.  Read for at least 20 minutes each day.  Read a book, magazine, or article of your choice.

    6. Math Review Packet.  Work through problems, just a few each day, using the suggested timeline in the packet.

    7. Reading Review Packet.  Read text selections and answer questions using the suggested timeline.

    8. Science Review Packet.  Review science knowledge using the suggested timeline.

    9. SOLPass.  Use (now added to Clever (password = stars)) to review Science concepts.  Read study guides, complete digital challenges, and play games.  Consider reviewing one science standard (fourth or fifth grade) each day for at least 20 minutes.

    10. Get outside.  If the weather permits, spend time outside.  Run and play.  Don't get too close to other people and be extremely careful if you are sharing any play or sports equipment.  Go on a hike or a walk (with someone).  Do jumping jacks.  Climb a tree (with your family's permission).  Look for leaves or insects.  Spend time enjoying the sky and the wind.  Breathe some fresh air!

    Bonus Ideas:

    • RCPS Resources
    • (on Clever)
    • Khan Academy (on Clever)
    • Imagineering In A Box (click here), which challenges you to design and create your own theme park. You family will need to help you set up an account.
    • TedEd
    • Junior Achievement MyWay.  Your family will need to help you set up an account.
    • HoodaMath (hundreds of free Math games (contains ads))
    • Join R.J Placio on Twitter for a daily read-aloud of Wonder (12:00 p.m. each day beginning Wednesday, March 25).