Classroom Rules

General Classroom Rules: 

  1.  Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking.

  2. Look and listen to whoever is speaking.

  3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself and do not take things that belong to others.

  4. Walk safely in a straight and quiet line.

  5. Be a good citizen and show good manners to all students and adults.

  6. Follow directions and work without disturbing others.

Dear Parents,

 In order to provide your child with the best educational climate he/she deserves, I have designed a classroom management system.  I firmly believe that life-long success depends on self-discipline.  Our classroom management plan gives each child the opportunity to manage his/her own behavior.  I’m using a system that encourages good behavior and formation of good work habits.  Students begin each day with three clothespins on their desk name plate. The green, yellow and red clothespins act as a visual reminder that they’re following all the classroom/school rules.


Students showing good citizenship and excellent work habits (working quietly without disturbing others, using time wisely, walking quietly in the hallway, keeping desk and school materials organized and neat, showing kindness to classmates, being respectful, etc.) will be recognized by the teacher.  Possible rewards:  verbal praise and or chance of receiving a good citizenship ticket for the weekly prize drawing.


Minor negative behaviors (talking during work times, inappropriate hall behavior, etc. will be corrected with a visual cue or verbal reminder of the rule.  If the student chooses to continue to break the rules, a green clothespin will be collected from their desk.  The student will walk five laps at recess for each clothespin collected for misbehavior.   If the student doesn’t have any clothespins left at the end of the day a note will be sent home in their assignment book.  Major negative behaviors (fighting, inappropriate language, stealing, rude or disrespectful behavior to adults, etc.) will result in an automatic discipline notice sent home, and or loss of privilege such as a field trip or having silent lunch.   


We will not send a daily report home unless a student is experiencing difficulty following the rules on a regular basis.  If that should occur, I will contact you to set up a conference so that we may go over your child’s individual behavioral goals.


Hopefully, this will encourage good behavior in a positive way and give each child an individual goal.  The students have been informed about this pan and we appreciate it if you will again review the plan with your child.   Thank you again for all your support.

Working together for the children,

Ms Butler