Number Sense and Place Value


Number Sense and Place Value

SOL 3.1abc

The student will read and write six-digit numerals and identify the place value and value of each digit, round whole numbers, 9,999 or less, to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand, and compare two whole numbers between 0 and 9,999, using symbols (>, <, or = ) and words (greater than, less than, or equal to).

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IXL Activities

Below is a list of Mr. Bradford's recommended IXL activities for number sense and place value based on Virginia SOLs. Be sure to login on IXL before you begin!

Comparing Numbers


Other Rounding Games

Place Value Chart

Hundred Thousands Ten Thousands Thousands


Hundreds Tens Ones
4 7 5


2 8 9

3 Ways to Write Numbers

  1. Standard Form (475,289)
  2. Expanded Form (400,000+70,000+5,000+200+80+9)
  3. Word Form (four hundred seventy-five thousand, two hundred eighty-nine)